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Our formula is simple: We are passionate about creating value. We just happen to be a very experienced home builder, since 1999. Our beautiful communities can be found in all the right places such as Gwinnett & Dekalb Counties, Snellville, Lilburn, Suwanee and other great locations around Atlanta. Our financing programs, our experienced builders, our design center, and our sales associates are all set up to bring all the expectations one would have of a typical custom builder, yet we deliver affordability and value instead. For these reasons we invite you to visit us today. We can’t wait to exceed your expectations.


Sold Out

From The $100's

Townhomes in Lithonia, Dekalb

Spacious, open concept 3 bedroom townhomes in DeKalb County near Mall at Stonecrest.


Sold Out

From The $170's

Single Family Homes in Lithonia, Dekalb

Affordable 3 bedroom single family homes in DeKalb County near Stonecrest Mall and DeKalb Medical at Hillandale.


Final Opportunities

From The $400's

Single Family Homes in Snellville, Gwinnett

Only 5 opportunities remaining! Spacious 4 - 6 bedroom single family homes in Gwinnett County located within minutes of The Shoppes at Webb Gin.